Lessons Learned from Oilfield Incidents

Lessons Learned from Oilfield Incidents

Don't lose your life or job, be prepared, know what can happen. 

Equipping the common man with a great, inexpensive Lessons Learned Database.

Reduce injuries.

Save your job.

Equip your team.

Companies do a poor job of sharing information about incidents. The lack of knowledge about prior incidents allows preventable accidents to be repeated over and over throughout the industry.

Our Lessons Learned App equips teams and individuals with information so they can learn from past incidents, to better protect themselves from injury or job loss. 


Protect your family - don't lose your life or job, know what mistakes can cost you.

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Lessons Learned App

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Lessons Learned App
Lessons Learned from Oilfield Incidents

Why Should I Use The Lessons Learned App?

  • ​If you do not learn from the past, history will repeat itself. 

  • Protect your team.

  • Reduce incidents.

  • Save money.

  • Change behavior to be safer.

  • Works offline - access it anywhere.

Who Can Benefit From The Lessons Learned App?

  • The leader who wants his team to be safer.

  • The worker who is tired of seeing repeat mistakes. 

  • The field hand who has seen his friends hurt.

  • The executive who wants his company to be more profitable.

  • The manager who wants to equip his team better.

Lessons Learned App

How R-14 Apps Works

R-14 is attempting to design software for the field hand, get the data into the hands of the people that do the work to keep them safe, and allow them to thrive.

Download our App

See what we can do, share incidents, save lives.

Customize it for your team

Select the user inputs for your industry and workplace. Get the data to make better decisions.

We'll stand by it.

If it's not working, we'll work with you to make it right, or give you a 101% refund.

Outrageous Guarantee

We guarantee to improve the metric "Incidents Reviewed / Employee" that encourages safer behavior, with an easy to use mobile application that makes reviewing lessons fun. If you aren't absolutely ecstatic with the service provided, we insist that you tell us and we'll refund 101% of your money. 

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Lessons Learned App

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